Study Abroad

“Nobody can discover the world for somebody else. Only when we discover it for ourselves does it become common ground and a common bond and we cease to be alone.” ― Wendell Berry

Throughout my college career at CSU, I’ve always wanted to mark Study Abroad off of the “70 Things to do at CSU”. So when my advisor first mentioned the International Media Studies trip, I knew it was going to be a life-changing opportunity. However, what I didn’t anticipate prior to going on this trip, was the connections and memories with my surroundings and peer that would be made. On this page of my website, I will take you through a virtual highlight reel of my amazing three weeks away on CSU’s International Media Studies trip.

First Stop: London.
While London is a pretty familiar city to me in general, due to my dual citizenship on my mom’s side of the family, I was so thrilled to be going back. Not only for some of my favorite food in the entire world (sausage rolls, scones with clotted cream, or yorkshire pudding), but I was excited to be back in a place that I really feel like is a second home to me. Being able to use the Tube and know the lingo of locals put me in a really good position to help show the group around and really optimize the time we had there. Whether it was shopping in Oxford Circus or finding the best pubs at night, you know we did it all.

However, one of my favorite days we had in London was the day at Windsor Castle, 24 hours before the Royal Wedding. The energy and sense of community I felt as I walked down the street was so heartwarming to see how people were getting so excited about something so genuine. Throughout the day we followed a CBS Foreign Correspondent, Charlie, also a CSU grad, and saw him cover the ins and out of the Royal Wedding. Truly, something I never thought I would get to experience. The following are some photos taken in London:

Second Stop: Belgium.
Belgium was surprisingly one of my favorite places. I had never really heard much about Belgium, other than how they inspired New Belgium beer, but that’s beside the point. I loved the quaint city, the people, and how it felt like I was truly getting away from everything.

My favorite thing we did in Belgium, was a fabulous dinner on one of the canals. Being a huge seafood lover, mussels in particular, I was in absolute heaven. I ordered a massive bowl of mussels and the best beer I’ve ever had in my life (but don’t worry, it was legal since we were abroad!), truly, and I mean TRULY, within the top five best meals I’ve ever had. Here are a few images displaying all of the amazing times we had in Belgium:

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Third Stop: Amsterdam.
Ah, Amsterdam. The city with all kinds of people, views, and things to do. Amsterdam was another city that I had already been to, however, it was a completely different experience this time. With this being one of the quickest stops on the trip, we really had to take advantage of every second there.

One of my favorite parts about Amsterdam is the fashion. Amsterdam is known for being so fashion forward and I love observing then incorporating it into my own style. European style is great because it’s comfortable, yet so up to date on trends. A pair of skinny jeans, sneakers, and cute top will be perfect if you’re looking to visit. Another great place to visit if you’re making a stop in Amsterdam, is the Fashion For Good offices. We stopped there to discuss sustainability and how each person can make in impact on the environment when it comes to the choices they make in their apparel. Right up my alley. Here are the pictures from our wonderful, but quick time in Amsterdam:

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Fourth Stop: Germany.
Oh, Germany. Another place I never expected to love so much. Staying in Koblenz was my favorite part of it all due to the amazing vineyards and castles surrounding us everywhere we went. From cruising down the Rhine river, to trying local delicacies like white asparagus, I enjoyed every second.It’s a place that I would definitely see again, and if a location has that effect on me, it must be pretty special.

Once we moved to Frankfurt, it seems like a whole different world. It’s a massive city with so much to offer. And one of these amazing things to offer was Hill+Knowlton Strategies presentation on crisis management PR. This blew my mind, being able to see step by step how a crisis is handled in the PR world. This was by far, the most interesting meeting we had the whole trip, and it’s definitely something I will remember and incorporate into my professional life forever.

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Last Stop: Paris.
Paris, the city of love. It’s so easy to fall in love with this place. That’s why they call it that, right? Spending the most time in a city like this can be dangerous due to the copious amounts of money being spent shopping and consuming all of the bread and macarons, but so worth it. Being able to wake up, grab a fresh croissant, and stroll the romantic streets was something I could see myself doing every day. Visiting the Louvre, shopping at the Galleries at Lafayette, and getting to see Integer Marketing was truly a life-changing experience. Paris, I will be seeing you again. You have my word on that one.

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Do me a favor and study abroad.
I guarantee you it will change your life. To everyone that joined me on this trip, I thank you for putting up with my awful jokes, giving me a second wind of energy when I needed it, and for being lifelong friends. To Dr. Pete, thank you SO MUCH for putting up with our crazy, young adult minds. I aspire to walk as fast and have as much enthusiasm as you do one day. And to my family, thank you for makign this opportunity possible. I will never forget it.

Until next time…