I first got into photography my freshman year of high school. I started in the beginning class and then quickly worked my way up to the Advanced Placement in my Junior year. I started to develop my own style and I discovered that capturing special moments and telling a story through photographs was my true calling. I photograph many different style of photography; photo essays, landscapes, nature, still lives, and portraits. During the summer of 2014, I launched my own photography business, Bethany McCabe Photography. I captured special times in people’s lives, including senior portraits and family portraits. I would absolutely love to work with you and capture a special time or event in your life.


Here are some images from my commercial work

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IMG_0274IMG_0260IMG_0114IMG_0104IMG_3879 IMG_3877

Commercial (8) Commercial (3)IMG_8514 IMG_8504 IMG_9325 IMG_3155 IMG_1678 IMG_2408-2

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