Sneakers you need, that aren’t AF1’s or High-Top Converse.

For almost every season, a new sneaker enters the market, or “re-enters” the market to be completely honest, and takes masses of young women by storm.  In previous years it’s often been the Nike Roshe, Adidas Superstar, and right now – the all white Nike Air Force 1.  

I totally get it.  Finding a comfortable, versatile sneaker to wear with shorts and a tee, summer dress, or that’s office-wear appropriate is TOUGH.  But there’s a million and one sneakers out there, and this is exactly why I think you should stop going with the masses and wear a style that not everyone has, but is still from a well-known brand.  All somewhat affordable, easily accessible, totally and completely versatile.  

ALL shoes are linked – just click the photo!

Adidas Rivalry Low

Your simple, go-to white sneaker from Adidas. All leather so you know they'll hold up in all kinds of weather and mold to your foot to give you the perfect fit over time. I love the beige sole with the white leather. It's fresh and clean, but not too harsh.

Nike Blazer Mid '77 Vintage WE

I fell in love with these when I first saw them in person in the Nike Lab store here in Chicago. They're the perfect mid-top height, which isn't always super flattering on girls. Sometimes, I find it so hard to pull off high-tops because I find them restricting and they make my calves look HUGE, and I want my calves to look dainty (who doesn't?) One thing - these run narrow, so try before you buy.

Veja V-10 White Black

V classic, but not a lot of people know about them yet. Veja's are becoming popular in the European blogging world, so get them before they become super basic and every other girl has them.

Veja V-10 White Pekin Emeraude

My boyfriend's brother, shoutout Sam, got these in Saks while their family was visiting Seth and I in Chicago. The color combo is trendy, and tasteful if you're looking to add some color.

Adidas Hypersleek Pointed Toe

I saw these on Kith and absolutely fell in love with the platform and pointed toe, I had to order them. They're very reminiscent of the Stella McCartney platforms that were super popular amongst the blogger world years ago. Gucci also makes a similar styler with a platform, but these are the perfect price-point, and super casual - great for work! I'll share an OOTD when they come in!

Adidas Stan Smith

My OG white tennis shoe. The perfect shape, great leather, and you can get them in so many colors. Throughout my travels in Europe, I saw these on both guys and girls - one of the most versatile shoes I own. And last, can be dressed up or down, and are super cheap.

But seriously, buy any of these shoes to upgrade from AF1's and high-top Converse, because EVERYONE else is wearing them.

That's all for this time, talk later...


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