College Graduation: What to Wear, Tips & Tricks

Well, I did it! I graduated college. Surprisingly, I did it in three and a half years, while working three jobs, and juggling a major and double minor. And it’s crazy that all of that hard work over the pass three and a half years, is suddenly just over. I think I’m still waiting for the day that it officially “pays off”. I’m not sure whether that’ll be once I get my dream job, or once I’ve paid off every penny of my pricey college education. Regardless, I’m proud of myself for doing it and am thankful for the opportunity to be able to obtain higher education. As many people know, I went through some triumphs and hardships throughout my college career, which would be multiple other blog posts within themselves. But, I wanted to share one of my more light-hearted college graduation topics – WHAT I WORE FOR GRADUATION!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Bethany McCabe “life milestone” event without the perfect dress, signature jewelry, and killer shoes. SO, after people asking me endlessly where I purchased all of my pieces from my special day, this post is for you…

The Dress

The funny thing about graduation ceremonies is that the majority of your clothes are covered up due to those awfully tacky gowns you’re forced against your will to wear. All in favor of permanently deleting those from future ceremonies, say I…

But, of course, the pictures and celebration after are what the outfit is truly for. BUT! Comfortability is key. You’ll be in that dress all day, walking across a stage, taking awkward family pictures, and honestly, it’ll probably be the last time some of your college classmates will ever see you again. Ever. So, make it count, baby.

I wanted something comfy, yet classic. Something I could put my own spin on, and of course, something that no one else would have.

This cute little green, satin number I wore is from NastyGal and rumor has it, every girl was searching for this dress. I somehow managed to find it in my size and snagged it when it was still in stock. It was comfortable, effortless, and something that would look good on everyone. Not to mention it matched my school colors, Go Rams…?

The Jewelry

We all KNOW that jewelry is my jam. But in this case, I didn’t want some tacky statement necklace *sorry J Crew* in my college graduation photos. That’s the kind of thing that would haunt someone for the rest of their lives. Therefore, I kept it simple. Pretty much everything is from Henri Bendel – My necklace, earrings, stacked bracelets, and stackable rings. However, my little gemstone ring on my pointer finger was a gift from my uncles for my 21st birthday. My single bracelet is from Links of London (also for my 21st) and my single ring on my middle finger is from a small, local boutique where I live.

The Shoes

Probably my most-asked-about piece of the outfit. Literally almost every comment, question, or concern I’ve received on these pictures had something to do with my shoes. And of course, Freebird Shoes has done it again. These bad boys are grey snakeskin, the ultimate Bethany McCabe touch. They have a chunky, not too high heel so it made it easy to walk across the stage and be in all day. They really did add the icing on the cake.

Other Tips, Tricks, and FAQs

1) I majored in Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts, with a double minor in Media Studies and Fashion & Apparel Merchandising at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, CO.

2) I use Fake Bake self tanner. It’s probably the only self tanner I’ve used that doesn’t leave streaks and fades evenly. It also smells really good, and is the perfect color. You could ever just put it on for the event and then rinse it off if you don’t want it to soak in! It’s non-sticky and the color is perfect, even when it’s developing.

3) Please, please, PLEASE!!! go with natural makeup. The only thing worse that looking back at pictures with a tacky statement necklace (see above) would be looking back on blue eyeshadow and heavy winged eyeliner…

4) Wear your hair however you like it best! Whether it’s a low bun, loose waves like me, or straight, doing whatever is comfortable to you is going to make you feel best in photos and walking across that stage. (Obviously make sure your cap will stay on too)

6) The girl who did my nails lives in Fort Collins and does them out of her house. She’s BOMB! Email me if you’d like her contact info!

7) My lace bralette is from SHEIN! I honestly probably paid like $3 for it, and it has ZERO support or coverage. So I wore pasties underneath to make sure I wasn’t going to show through anything!

5) Take pictures of yourself. Honestly, this is one of my biggest accomplishments in life. I couldn’t care less what friends walked across that stage on the same day with me, graduation was my day to be selfish and congratulate myself! Cherish the memories of all your hard work, it’s you who got YOUR degree, not your friends!

Here are more pictures of the day, big thank you to everyone who was there and made the day so special!

My whole family: siblings, parents, and grandparents (from England!)
Me & my cutie boyfriend. Couldn’t have done this without him!
My momma & me.
Me struttin’ across the arena floor. LOOK AT THOSE FREEBIRDS.
My long-time best friend, Kate!
Some of my best girlfriends: Allec, Lauren, and Kate.
Lauren & I met on our first day of college! We sat next to each other in ART100.
My super supportive boyfriend’s family. Love them & so thankful to have them!
Scott is one of my longest friends I’ve ever had. We’re like brother and sister!
Same with Taylor, we’ve been close since 5th grade!

Thank You… so much to everyone who has supported me! I graduated from college woohoo!


You’re newly graduated, B.

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