How To: Mixing Feminine & Edgy

It’s officially my favorite time of year for fashion! The fall and winter seasons give you so many options to mix and match, pair together, and create so many new looks. When the weather turns colder, I aim for warmth and versatility. My signature style is a great pair of jeans and a leather jacket, so don’t be too surprised if you see that in many blog and Instagram posts to come. Personally, it’s super hard to find both that will fit me like a glove. I’m so short that jeans that hug me in all the right places are such a hassle to shop for, and finding a leather jacket that works with my short arms and torso seems to be impossible. BUT, I have found BOTH! These jeans are my go-to’s right now. Surprisingly, they’re from Abercrombie. Throwback to 6th grade, right?! And as for this leather jacket, I found this beauty at Zara. I absolutely love Zara but there’s not a single one in Colorado so I always take advantage of it when I travel to cities that do have it.

Ok, so I’m sure you read the title and are wondering how I mix my lightweight, girly pieces with these other more edgy pieces. Well honestly, it’s all about balance. For example, I paired this white eyelet top with these jeans and leather jacket. But in order to balance out the daintiness of the top, I chose a casual white sneaker to balance out the color and feel. If I were to wear this outfit with a combat boot or even any black shoe, I feel like the blouse would get lost. I also grabbed my vintage Burberry bag that adds a feminine touch as well, while still keeping the look neutral and cool. But overall, my biggest tip for a look like this is just to keep it simple. Neutrals are always a fool-proof way to combine pieces that you wouldn’t think would go together. Don’t bother with clashing colors and wondering what goes with what, stick to the basics – black, white, and denim.

Alright, outfits details time! My Abercrombie jeans can be found here. My Zara leather jacket is no longer carried but a similar one can be found here. My Gap top is found here. Like I said, my Burberry bag is vintage (thank you Grandma!) but a similar one can be found online here. Finally, my classic Adidas can be found here.

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