Welcome to my website! I am so excited to share my journey and life with you. This is a space for visual, emotional, personal, and anything in-between expression; a chance for me to show you what I’m all about.

Being a lover of all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle I really want this website and blog to be about inspiring and connecting with others. Everything I do, I try to do it with a purpose. And that purpose is to influence, inspire, and invigorate something inside that wasn’t there before. I don’t care how small of a scale that is, or even if one person reads this. But I hope my sharings bring insight and entertainment to whoever comes across them.

I am currently a twenty-one-year-old Junior at Colorado State University studying Journalism and Fashion & Apparel Merchandising. I love anything that smells like sunscreen, messy blonde hair, tomatoes, and the city of Chicago. You’ll find out more of my likes and dislikes, I can be quite opinionated (so my mom says), the more you read. This crazy world we live in today is pretty amazing if you create your own personal experience while living on it. That’s what I’m here to share with you.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at betmcc@comcast.net